Why Do We Have Sports?

Sports are organized physical activities and competitions. These fulfill the fundamental human need for competition, physical exercise and play. However, all sports are also potentially competitive. Here’s the difference:

Leisure, recreation or entertainment is generally enjoyed by the participant without any attempt to compete. It may include horse riding, swimming, tennis, golf, basketball and many other exercises. Leisure sports can be practiced by people of any age, race and gender. The only qualification is that you must enjoy it. Participating in a friendly game of volley ball with your kids is a great example of a game of leisure.

On the other hand, sports competition is a serious endeavor. A game of soccer requires a lot of speed, agility and strength. In swimming, even the best swimmer needs to breathe deeply and use every part of his body. Competitions in boxing require strategy, endurance and a good arm.

Sports are played for fun and fitness. But there are athletes who use sports to improve their skills and performance in different kinds of competitions. Cross-country skiers compete in the downhill category, while football players participate in the National Football League. Skateboarders compete in the Olympic sport.

So why do we have sports? Humans need competitive opportunities to prove their abilities and meet other people. Some games are so competitive that professional athletes put themselves under pressure to achieve results that make them feel they have achieved something remarkable. In fact, sports bring out our competitive nature in us.

Some people choose to start a career in sports. For example, skateboarding has become a very popular sport. Skateboarders use trucks to travel around and also to use wheels to balance themselves on the board. The wheels give traction and allow them to perform tricks. Professional sports also have another reason for being formed. It gives us an opportunity to socialize with each other. We get to know each other better and have fun together. Our competition is common and it makes us work harder to achieve our goals. In fact, we sometimes forget that we are training just for ourselves and become competitive with our team members and coaches.

What about other sports? As mentioned above, basketball is a competitive sport. But baseball and football are both considered to be competitive even when the only thing standing between the winner and loser is a few flies on the outfield. And, of course, swimming and softball are all forms of competitive athletics.

In addition, some sports develop our skills in other ways. For example, wrestling develops the strength of the muscles and the stamina. It develops the discipline required to pull oneself back from a losing battle. Skateboarding develops balance and coordination. And track and field has long been known as one of the best environments for developing athleticism.