BASKETBALL – The Sport of Choice Among Teens and Adults Everywhere


BASKETBALL – The Sport of Choice Among Teens and Adults Everywhere

BASKETBALL is an abbreviation for basketball. Basketball was first known as “tennis with a ball” (tennis with a net) and later came to include the game of basketball in its name. Basketball is a team game where two teams, usually of five each, against one another on a flat rectangular court; the objective of winning is to shoot a basketball over the rim of the opponent’s court and into the basket. The game started off as a game called “Spots”. In these days of today, basketball has developed into a popular competitive sport played by men, women and children of all ages in many countries around the world.

Although the sport is often referred to as basketball, the term has been used to describe the game since the early days when it was first played. Early players made use of a wooden pole with a net on it in order to engage in the games. Initially, basketball courts were created using this method, but later changes were made due to the introduction of iron. The modern court is created out of a mixture of rubber and acrylic, making it water resistant and thereby very hard-wearing.

BASKETBALL consists of two types of equipment: balls and hoops. Balls are made of various materials, but the most common materials used are denim, cotton, polyester and Lycra. The bounce of the ball is determined by the surface texture of the basketball court: the smoothness of the surfaces of regulation balls and the bumpy texture of hoops (free throw).

To shoot a basketball, the player needs to stand in front of the hoop with both hands in the air. Then the player makes a punching motion with his fist towards the ball. A force is then exerted with the foot against the ball that pushes the ball up into the air. The strength of the punch should be such that the ball will not touch any part of the ground during its flight. A good BASKETBALL player should be able to achieve a punch press of about 150 pounds. A good training tool to develop punching power is the punch bag, a heavy steel cylinder with a ring on its side, which the player punches into.

BASKETBALL involves quite a few technical skills. Shooting the basketball involves kicking the ball through the hoop; the basketball has a goal usually on its lower surface and a basket on its top. The BASKETBALL competition is arranged according to football codes in different countries, so that teams do not clash with one another unless they are from the same country or playing in a league of the same level. BASKETBALL involves quite a few rules, including the use of protective body gear such as hand gloves, helmets, shin guards, elbow pads and knee pads.

Basketballs can be manufactured from many different materials, including plastics, cloth, leather, felt, rubber and metal. The materials used to manufacture basketballs can be made in different colors, sizes and weights. In order to make basketballs durable and effective, players wear protective clothes while playing.