What Is the MOT Certificate?

It is important for all motorcycle racers to know about MOTOGP (MotoGP) tests. This test is carried out after each race in order to check that all the machinery and bodywork have been fitted correctly and if they are safe for use. The MOT requires motorcycle racers to submit to a physical examination where three experts from the motorcycle industry will take a look at the bikes. They will check if the bike has been built correctly, it has been designed according to the regulations set down by the governing body of the sport, and if it adheres to all the safety guidelines.

There are four different categories of parts that are inspected in these tests. These are the oil, the cooling system, the starter drive unit and the combustion chamber. The engine is also subject to rigorous testing; the purpose of this is to find out if the design of the engines is suitable for use on the street without causing any risk to the rider or the environment. Also, the amount of air pressure, the height of the engine, the weight of the engine and the number of cylinders are all part of the scrutiny.

During the MOTOGP test, all the machinery, bodywork, tyres and suspension are checked. A notebook is used to record all findings so that an official report can be given to the motorbike owner detailing the conditions of the test. This enables the rider to be informed if anything is faulty and also helps the motorbike manufacturer to work on any potential safety improvements. If there are any problems, the riders should immediately inform the event officials who will then notify the motorcycle company and the motorbike racing authority.

Some of the factors that will be examined during the MOTOGP test are as follows; the working load of the brakes, the fuel type, the temperature of the air in the combustion chambers and the noise produced. The fire-resistant test is designed to check whether the tyres and other components used in the process of running the motorbike are effectively protected against fire. If they are not, the tyres will fail the MOT.

The engines on most modern race bikes and high performance motorbikes are built to a very high standard and are the same as those used in professional racing but modern day terms are far superior. The high performance engines must be able to withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive liquids such as fuel, oil and anti-freeze. The purpose of the MOT test is to ensure these criteria have been met by both the producer and the MOT rider.

To find out if a motorbike has passed the MOT you need to obtain a certificate from the MOT website. There is a checklist of items that must be checked before the MOT can be declared complete and therefore, it is advisable to visit a motocross shop for advice before the MOT. These shops will also be able to give the manufacturers a copy of their certificates if they have not yet passed the MOT. The certification process is not suitable for all bikes or motorbikes and is not mandatory for all countries but if your bike fails the MOT, you should not hesitate to seek advice so that you are able to pass your MOT with flying colours.