BASKETBALL is a team sport where two teams, usually of five players each, competing against each other on a rectangular field, with the goal of shooting the ball through the opponent’s hoop with as few points as possible. Unlike basketball in the US, in most countries BASKETBALL is considered a recreational sport. It is often associated with a particular school or organization and has a special history attached to it. However, in the United States it is considered a fun and competitive sport where the participants dress in different uniforms and use different tactics to win. BASKETBALL is the official sport of Belgium and was the first sport to be adopted by the Belgian football association in 1963.

BASKETBALL started out as a game between friends, using wooden baskets with hoops at regular intervals. The game grew to involve entire teams and the name Basket ball was derived from a village called Basket where players would go for a walk in the countryside wearing colorful costumes. The sport of BASKETBALL soon developed into a game involving actual players and the first ever BASKETBALL match was played in Brussels.

A basket ball consists of a ball, a frame, a net and three or more paddles. The ball and frame can be made from different materials such as acrylic, wood or rope. The net is usually made from plastic polycarbonate and is circular or conical and sits above the basket. Paddles are used to propel the ball through the basket. The length of the stick refers to the height of the basket and its diameter and the size of the frame refers to the weight of the ball.

BASKETBALL is a very popular sport. In the United States it is often played indoor on special courts where the basketball arena is set inside a converted warehouse or other large area. Two teams of six people play in each corner of the court. The players stand one behind the other on the perimeter of the court. Each team tries to shoot the basketball into the hoop attached to the wall. When the ball is hit the rebound method is used to keep the ball in play and to try to score points.

Unlike other sports, BASKETBALL has evolved to incorporate several different strategies. For example, in basketball you may see that players may try to steal the ball, kick it over the hoop or use any number of tricks to get the ball into the hoop and out of bounds. You will also find that the sport includes rules that require that players stand within a certain distance from the hoop during play, that teams alternate possessions during the game, and that players may call a foul before the ball is touched by any other player.

BASKETBALL is played in a similar way to basketball but the court is generally rectangular and played with five players on each team. The sport has evolved into a sport that has a few rules to follow as well as popularized by professional players like Allen Iverson. The game is usually played outdoors on an empty court with an empty basket. BASKETBALL is played in both the United States and Europe. It has even become an Olympic sport, with the United States Olympic team playing in Houston, Texas.