A Brief Introduction to Motocross

The Motorcycle Motocross Association (MMA) is an international motorsport governing body which is a subsidiary of the largest motorsport organization of the world, the Union Internationale de l’Cyclisme (UIEA). Grand Prix motorcycle racing is currently the premier category of professional motorcycle road-racing events held over outdoor tracks officially sanctioned by the Federation Internationale de l’Cyclisme (UIEA). Though the UIEA has not yet approved its own professional motorcycle racing circuit, several countries, such as Japan, South Africa and China have already embraced the professional motorcycle race championship as a sport.

The UIEA divides the worldwide rankings into four classes – amateur, domestic, category A and category B. Amateur motorcycles are those manufactured with general audiences in mind and for personal use. These are usually low-powered motorcycles with lightweight engines and affordable price tags that appeal to a mass audience. Domestic motorcycles, on the other hand, are those with more powerful engines and comparable prices that are intended for racing at professional tracks.

Some of the countries that have developed their own category for motorbike racing are Australia, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Mexico, Poland, Russia, the UK and the United States. All these countries now have their own sanctioned MotoGP bike championship. The highest ranked category for moto bikes is class A, where the bikes are generally manufactured with high quality components that are intended for high-level racers. This includes lightweight and durable engines that can achieve high speeds; high-class transmissions and tires that are designed to cope with different cornering patterns; and light body styles that maximize agility. Other classifications include B and C for factory built motorcycles and prototypes.

All motorcycle racers are required to wear protective helmets, gloves and socks, as well as long pants and a leather jacket. Motocross gear is expensive and its quality is also a factor that influences the price a racer will be able to command. Most motocross riders earn about $15 per race, though riders in the higher category can earn several times that amount.

While it may seem surprising that riders can earn so much money, the earning potential is not limited by class or brand. Motocross bikes are generally less costly than their street bikes, even when powered by the same engine. There are many different classes for riders based upon their experience and ability level. Riders who are new to motocross and those who have mastered it earn lower class status. In the higher levels, advanced riders can compete against those with years of experience in the sport.

To participate in a MOTOGP event in the UK, a motorcycle must be at least three years old and manufactured to be used in road-going conditions. Such motorcycles must also have a two-litre internal combustion engine and be able to absorb and release air through combustion. The minimum age is actually five years and cars need to be four years old. There are plenty of teams available all over the world willing to challenge any amateur rider to try his hand at MOTOGP racing, with the possibility of big money rewards on top of it all.