Teams and Races of the MOTOGP

The MOTOGP test stands for ” MOT Test of Powertrain Performance”. This is a mandatory requirement before any motorbike can be sold in the UK. There are three different classes that are available. These are the Efficient, Super-efficient and the Limited-Efficiency bikes. A super efficient bike has one or more horsepower over the maximum that could be applied to it and a Limited-Efficiency bike has one or more horsepower less than the maximum that could be applied.

It is important for all UK motorcycle owners to know about the different classifications that are available for sale. This way, they will be able to determine which category their vehicle falls into and if it meets the requirement to be classified as an eligible vehicle for the MOT. Some of the different classes are:

Colin Edwards won the first ever GP race for Honda with his Tagna team, the same team which was also responsible for developing the much famous CBR. Colin Edwards is now employed by another major manufacturers and is regarded as one of the leading figures in British sport and motorcycling. His achievements include winning the championship twice with Honda, making more than twenty-five different bikes over his career and winning the world wind surfing championship twice. It is likely that any Honda-powered machinery designed by Colin Edwards will be classed as a super efficient car. The only real problem with this however, is that no British company has yet developed a powerful enough engine to make it practical for road use.

The next in our list of top super bikes in the UK is the cccc superbike fromcccccc. This is the latest model in a long line ofcccccc’s produced by Italian firm, Inciystem, who are well known throughout the world for their innovation and high quality. The cccc is classed by many as being the most technologically advanced model ofcc in the world today, incorporating such cutting edge features as variable valve timing and four stroke engines, along with all the standard features such as air cooling and manual transmission.

The third bike on our list of top British race bikes,cccc is the Motocross Superbike from SMP. The company are the leading manufacturer of sports cars and performance vehicles throughout Europe. They are a company which has a great deal of experience in providing both race bikes and sportscars to numerous teams and riders. Their most famous motorcycle race bike, the SMP is used extensively around the world by professional riders and teams such as the Jelly Belly team and the ACO team. They have extensive partnerships with many of the leading Manufacturers in the world of sport and motorcycling, allowing them to create cutting edge bikes and race courses to be used by some of the best riders and teams. This includes many of the companies which form part of the Motocross World Tour teams and they are closely allied with many of the manufacturers which form part of the Professional Motorcycle Teams.

One of the newest teams to join the ranks of European based race teams, is the Dutch-based Aqua Blue team. As a result of their partnership with Aqua Blue, they have been able to build a strong sporting foundation and a number of strong teams around the world including the British-based Wyan Racing team. Aqua Blue are one of the few teams which have never had a bike put into competition, despite their years of successful racing in the amateur ranks. They have recently however been chosen as one of three teams which will participate in this years MOTOGP season. They will be one of the teams to fight for third place behind the ever-promising Pro Team GT.