BASKETBALL is a well-known team sport where two teams, usually of five players each, against each other on a flat, rectangular field, engage in the main objective of shooting an object ball through the hoops of their opponent while preventing the opponent from shooting through the hoops of their own. The object is usually a basketball, but has developed over time to also include softball and volleyball as well. BASKETBALL is played for sport, but has also developed as a competitive sport due to the growing numbers of people who have joined in it over the years. BASKETBALL has even moved indoors due to the increase in popularity and because of the need of the teams to maintain a reasonable playing surface.

There are many different variations of BASKETBALL. The most popular is the indoor game called Crib Basketball. In this type of BASKETBALL, teams play inside a circular basketball court that contains four sides, whereas in outdoor BASKETBALL the teams play on natural grass or a basketball court commonly made of dirt or turf. Although the latter type of BASKETBALL is more commonly played outside, teams still play indoors during cold winter months when the weather is colder. Both indoor and outdoor BASKETBALL require approximately four thousand balls which are divided between seven players.

Each player on the team is given a rotation of four basketballs. The rotation ball is used for practice, as well as in actual game play. The four basketballs are alternated among players so that each may take turns playing with the ball they have been given. When a player completes his four rotation basketballs he must replace the ball, or pass it to another player on his team, who in turn must play with the ball he has just replaced. If a player is unable to dribble a basketball using only his hands, he must seek out another player on the team who can.

Basketball plays are divided into two types: basket ball and three point field basketballs. BASKETBALL includes only a basket, which usually rests atop a trapdoor frame. Each player on a team has five points to his or her name which come from a rotation of four basketballs. Shooting three-point baskets involves making three consecutive throws with the ball over a net.

In many youth basketball leagues, the BASKETBALL is played on an open court. The BASKETBALL consists of a rectangular area on the court marked off by a BASKETBALL hoop, usually shaped like a basketball. The BASKETBALL has a top, which may be raised or lowered to accommodate the height of the basketballs shot, and is surrounded by a perimeter that is covered with net. There are usually four points on the BASKETBALL court. There are sixteen BASKETballs in all; however, sixteen balls can be used at one time, provided that the player can get all sixteen BASKETballs onto the court at once.

Many times during a basketball game, a substitution may be called for by either team. In such a case, the BASKETBALL may be substituted for the TRY HOOP. When a substitution is made, each of the players on the BASKETball team must return to their individual positions on the BASKETball court. Usually this results in one of two things: one of the players being left off the bench and a substitution being made for him, or one of the players being called off the court and the other team taking their place. After the substitution, the BASKETball players may return to their positions on the BASKETball court. When a BASKETball game is stopped for any reason, the coach has the option of calling a play or changing to another BASKETball game.