About Basketball


About Basketball

BASKETBALL is an abbreviation for the game known as Basketball with a Stance. This is a popular game played throughout the world. Many colleges and universities have different teams that play in BASKETball competitions. The game was very popular in the United States during the late 1800s and it gained popularity later in the 20th century.

BASKETball is a team game where two teams, usually of at least five players each, oppose each other on a rectangular field, with the goal of shooting the ball through the opponent’s hoop with minimum attempts. The point scored is the difference between the total number of points registered by both teams. The players wear special basketball uniforms called basketball shorts. They are white in color, as opposed to the more popular shorts worn by other sports. The BASKETball uniform consists of a jacket with a hood that is usually sleeveless, a shirt with elasticized cuffs around the arms and legs, and of course, the basketball shoes. Most players wear socks and wristbands that cover the upper portion of their legs.

BASKETball is played in two halves; a half time frame of about fifteen minutes each. Once the game is underway, one team member touches a wall to activate a timer that counts down from ten seconds. Each team member must then run, take a jump, or throw the ball to their teammates as fast as possible. If any of the team members fall while playing, they have to be helped by a teammate. The losing team automatically gets an “out” signal from the rest of the teams.

BASKETball players stand relatively close to the basket, so they can see each other very well. However, since there are only 5 people in each line, mistakes are easily made. That is why players are taught not to run past opponents or to try to block the basket. If a player runs into the basket, the ball will go through the hoop, but if a player tries to block the basket, the team’s score will get less.

Although BASKETball has only just started becoming a nationally recognized sport, it is growing at a steady rate. This is because BASKETball players use a shoot or pass method to score points. In addition to shooting baskets, BASKETball teams may also use a slam dunk or a spike shot. In BASKETball, a point is when the team shoots the ball into the basket, or makes one basket spike or dunk the ball into the hoop. Points are scored when a player passes, shoots, or dunks the ball into the basket.

Many teams use a BASKETball hoop that attaches to backboards or stands on top of the court. Other teams have courts that are completely enclosed with netting or some type of fence that surrounds the basketball court. Most BASKETball courts are circular and the teams play on an even surface.