The Next Big Thing in Motorcycle Racing is the MOTGRM

Motorcycle Motocross, otherwise known as motocross racing, is a motor sport recognized internationally as a competitive category of motor racing. It was first launched as a national event in France in 1974. Since then, it has grown into one of the most popular spectator sports events attracting hundreds of thousands of spectators and participants from every country in the world. Grand Prix motorcycle racing is currently the premier category of international motorcycle road-racing events held on public road tracks designated by the Féd Régional de L’ Cyclisme (FROC) or the French Motorcycle Racing Federation. The races are organized every month with the aim of creating the “perfect track” for motorcycle racers.

There are two main championships in motorcycle road racing that are regularly scheduled; the Endurance GP Series and the Motocross Grand Prix. The Endurance GP occurs as a “dry” event that allows no vehicle modification during the competition. The second type of championship is the “dry” classification that allows certain modifications to the cars, bikes and other vehicles in order to make them qualify for the championship. This classification is commonly referred to as the MOTOCRU.

The main purpose of the MOTOGP test is to provide an objective evaluation of the potential speed, agility and handling of each bike in relation to the others in its respective class. Each motorcycle in the race must be checked on its technical characteristics and performance based on set criteria set by the organizers. These criteria include everything from the tires, bodywork, engine specifications, braking systems, key electronics to even the most insignificant detail such as the wheelbase. The purpose of this test is not only to determine the speed and agility of the competitor’s bike but also to test the bikes’ handling abilities so as to help the organizers to develop a course of action for the rest of the season.

There are four classes in total when it comes to the MOTOCRU championship. There is the Premiers Class where teams with any fewer than one full-time MOTOMotor racing drivers on their roster can qualify. The lowest class in the ladder is the Intermediate Class, where teams with a full roster of drivers can take part. The highest category in the ladder is the Champion Class and there are only four teams in this championship; the rest are classified in the same category as the rest of the teams in the main championship. The championship events are split into two different classes for the moto2 and moto3 categories. The moto2 class is open to any team with two drivers while the moto3 class is limited to teams with three drivers.

The final category is the Satellite Teams. Many of the existing satellite teams have the possibility to switch to the MOTO3 category for the new season. Other teams have already announced that they will be switching from their current category to the MOTO2 category for the start of the 2021 season. The other teams that will not be changing their teams include BMW Team GT, Bell etc.

The premier class for motorcycles racing will continue to be the class where the rider has the most chances to win. The rankings are based on several important factors including the motorcycle racing record, the performance of each driver in the previous season and the experience of each new rider this season. The top three riders in the standings will be given the MOTGRM title. The title is decided by a panel of experts comprising members of the motorbike racing world and a professional motocross magazine. The MOTGRM title is due to be decided at the WorldSBK meeting in June each year.