The Fall of the MOTOGP Titles

A MOTOGP test is something you have to pass before your license to drive a car is approved. In the UK, there are three different tests and all are based on what happened in your last drive. They are the driving test, the hazard perception test and finally the driving test after which you must show proof of insurance. Failure to pass any one of these tests will result in your license being withdrawn so it is imperative that you are up to speed on all the requirements before setting off.

The MOTOGP bikes for example can only be driven with genuine MOTOGDPO2 carbon brake discs. These are the latest technology and have much lower rolling resistance than older versions. Older versions are known to crack under high stress and are no longer safe for motogp bikes. Some drivers might think that with older versions they cannot compete in some races. This is not true as all teams are allowed to use the new style brake discs.

The professionals in this sport have always known that bikes should be light in weight and with low drag. This is why all the teams now use lightweight motogp bikes. Of course this also means that the best riders are also lighter than the rest, which has been shown to reduce aerodynamic lift. This means that even professional riders can win a race but it is more likely that they will do it at the very end of the competition where they have been awarded the victory.

Of course, this means that the smaller bikes cannot compete in the bigger competitions. This has caused resentment amongst some sections of the motogp community. Teams such as the Suzuki team have been particularly vocal about this issue and have threatened to quit if the rules don’t change. There are suggestions that the lack of performance bikes in the bigger classes is down to cost although this has never been fully substantiated. The manufacturers producing the motogp bikes have been unwilling to acknowledge any fault due to the reliance on their name and reputation.

The decision to award the MOTO title to the lowest scoring motorcycle racing bike has been controversial since its inception. It was introduced as a carrot for those teams that were willing to build a more aerodynamic track to allow for the increased speed of the lap times. Initially, it was a straight forward reward for the most efficient builders. Over time it has proved to be something of a double edged sword however with the addition of additional liveries, graphics and tyres the top riders are now getting a much better advantage through the increased speed of their bikes. This may cause some enthusiasts to boycott any further MOTO titles until the governing body can reassess the situation.

Another possible reason for the recent decline in Motocross titles is that the increased sophistication of the two motorcycle engine designs is making it hard to produce reliable power levels from the small bores. Some of the best high speed Motocross bikes are now built with precision engineering and bespoke air filters. These new designs have been incorporated into production bikes to make them even more aerodynamic, down-to-date and reliable than ever before. The current crop of racing bikes will no doubt challenge any of the current holders of the MOTG title, but new designs by some of the top companies in the industry may well see them slip past.