The Basics of BASKETBALL


The Basics of BASKETBALL

Basketball is an organized team sport where two teams, usually of five members each, against one another on a flat, rectangular court with the objective of winning a basketball game by using a designated number of possessions. Each player on each team is provided with one ball which is used for play. The ball is controlled by the team leaders who are typically the attacking team and situate it at some point in the front of the court closest to the basket. It is used to hit the ball into the hoop created by the backboard. The basketball is then Switched to the defenders who attempt to make the shot.

Unlike tennis or football, basketball involves much more action than is seen on the playing field. Unlike cricket, basketball is played with a ball made out of a soft rubber or foam rubber. In addition to the ball, each player will wear a specially designed uniform called a basketball jersey or basketball jacket which has padding on the shoulders and elbows to protect them in case of receiving a direct blow to the abdomen, chest or head during play. The players will also wear knee pads, elbow pads and a head protector.

BASKETBALL includes many variations depending upon the rules of the game. For example, in basketball games held in a gym or indoor complex, players will stand one foot over the center of the foul line. There is no free throw line in basketball games so players must attempt to make the shot within the restricted rim area. One interesting variation in BASKETBALL is that unlike soccer, basketball does not have goal posts but rather is played with a tennis racket featuring a long handle.

BASKETBALL includes three fouls in each game. If any team has more than three fouls when the game starts, the player who has accumulated the most fouls will be forced out of the game and the ones who haven’t been out will have to play a minimum of two minutes to cool off. The player who doesn’t go out of the game without being penalized will have to take his time warming up before the game and practicing the skills required of him before he is allowed to play. Failure to warm up sufficiently can result in a foul being charged to you.

BASKETBALL is played with a ball made of either aluminum or vinyl. The basketball hoop usually isn’t used in the game; instead, there are netting systems that are attached to the top of a set of bleachers. The sport also incorporates passing the basketball between one player and another one on the opposite team. Shooting the basketball using a hand gun or using one of the many portable basketball systems available allows players to have fun while learning how to handle the sport.

BASKETBALL is widely played by teenagers and children throughout the world. Many colleges, from the big time Division I schools to minor league teams, are now playing BASKETBALL. The reason for this is that BASKETBALL offers an exciting way to exercise while also having a built in shot clock that prevents players from taking too many shots during the game. BASKETBALL is one sport that every teenager should be sure to check out.