Motocross Modifications

The MOTOGP (MOToc) formula is an international motor sport organization. It was first founded in 2021 with the founding principle, “The fastest is best.” Motor cycles are categorized into several categories, with a corresponding ranking order determined by each category’s finish rates during a race. There are also individual classifications for classes of motorcycle. This means a bike may have the fastest cornering speed in a category, but not in another, while all bikes may belong to the same category due to similar top speed stats.

Grand Prix motorcycle racing is currently the premier category of motorcycle street racing events held on public road tracks worldwide, officially sanctioned by the FédÉration Internationale de Motocrossessence. A variety of international and national championships exist, most notably the Motocross des Nations, which are based in France, and the GP Motorcycle Grand Prix of Belgium. Both feature a wide range of classifications, with the highest level of classification usually awarded to the Prototype class, and prototypes are allowed to race for victory rather than overall victory.

The MOT schedule requires that all cars are powered by factory-built engines. However, modern high horsepower, high-displacement engines from many different manufacturers are available to use in official races. However, all production engines must be modified to allow them to meet the stringent Technical Regulations. This includes performance parts such as suspension, gearboxes, clutch packs, and more.

The Production classes include production bikes that are limited to producing only fifty units. Production bikes fall under the category of “development machines” and have fewer options available than prototypes. Production bikes must also be equipped with non-standard exhausts and body shapes, and these bikes cannot utilize the many aftermarket accessories available for prototypes. Furthermore, production bikes cannot utilize factory-installed mufflers and catalytic converters. All exhausts, mufflers, catalytic converters, exhaust system upgrades, and tailpipes must be custom made for each model and must adhere to strict manufacturing specifications.

The Road Travel categories allow unlimited modification. Unlimited cylinder head changes, stroke variations, and a variety of wheel styles and types are permitted. Off-road tyres can be supplied from any MOTO approved tyre specialist, as well as numerous mud and sand tyres. Off-road tyres are not permitted in the General Class due to the increased traction and stability gained from these models.

The Road Racing category awards gold status to all production built and racing replica motocross bikes. These bikes are allowed to utilize all the same options as the Production bikes, with the exception of tyres, mufflers, exhausts, bodywork, and exhaust system components. Each motorcycle in this category must also have an MOT certificate within two months of purchase. As with all other sections of the MOT schedules, this class also requires that any modifications to the engine to be approved before any testing can take place. Without full compliance with all of the legal requirements within this category, it is not possible to register a new motorcycle with this class.