BASKETBALL: Why Basketball Has a Positive Effect on a Player’s Life

Basketball is a popular team sports where two competing teams, usually of five players each, compete against each other on a flat rectangular court, usually with three sides to the court. The game was first played in Europe and America but has become popular in the United States since there are many professional teams with a strong fan following. The sport has evolved so much over the years that it can be played by children as young as four. Most professional teams play at least one international tournament once a year. The International Basketball Association is the governing body for basketball and its world championships are widely considered the greatest competition in the world.

BASKETBALL is played using a very unique style of play whereby the players pass the ball from one player to the other player between the legs on the mid-court line. The point of the play is for the ball to be successfully dribbled by one player, usually one in front of the basket, and then passed to another player who is usually one to two feet behind the backcourt goal post. The ball is usually hit off the bounce with the momentum carried to the player who dribbled it. This means if the rebound goes out of bounds or if any part of the rim is missing the team will need to play a turnover. If the ball is hit free-handed off the bounce, the team will have a foul and they will be forced to play on defense.

BASKETBALL includes many elements of skill such as quickness, coordination, balance, and muscular endurance. The sport involves jumping, agility, endurance, and flexibility. Because of the fast-paced action and the need to move quickly the sport requires players to be in good shape. Many basketball players get very tired during the course of a game and need to rest up. Many professional basketball players like Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson spend hours training and conditioning to stay in good shape.

BASKETBALL also has a positive effect on an individual’s mental attitude. When you play basketball you will find that you have fun and are in a positive frame of mind. As most basketball players know, the more you practice the better you will become. By exercising and conditioning yourself you will be able to stay mentally focused and not get drained out by the constant action on the court.

BASKETBALL also has a direct effect on how you see the court and your ability to dribble the ball. The sport requires players to be able to dribble the ball with precision and to make precise shots. As you get more practice dribbling the ball, you will improve your ability to control your shot and finish at the rim. The more experience you gain playing basketball you will begin to notice that players develop a sense of anticipation. Players anticipate what is going to happen before they take a shot.

Players who dribble the ball well usually make most free throws because they are able to control the ball so accurately and effectively. In addition, good players develop great court vision. They can see the details of the basket they are working on, such as which corner to break on or where the best place to dunk is. Knowing the details and how to read the game gives players confidence that they can make an effective shot at the end of the half. Most importantly, good players understand that basketball is a game of inches and not years.