Basketball – Basic Fundamentals

Basketball is an increasingly popular sport played by millions of people around the world, regardless of age, and is the most widely known contact sport in the world. To play basketball, you need to be strong, because like soccer, you will be chasing a ball around for the entire duration of the game. When you run, jumping, blocking and other activities that require upper-body strength are very important. Aside from that, a good technique for basketball is to dribble the ball as deftly as possible. The best players in the world all have this ability and it can be honed with practice.

Dribbling a basketball involves a lot more than just pushing the ball up and down the court. It requires finesse, timing and agility. It is vital for a good player to know when to shoot, where to shoot and how to position himself so that he can maximize on his vertical jump, quickness and overall basketball abilities. BASKETBALL is basically a team game where two teams, usually of five players each, against one another on an even rectangular court, fight for the lead on their side of the court with the ball through the hoop with the other team defending theirs. Unlike soccer, where the offensive team tries to score more goals, in basketball each team scores a point when they have possession of the ball through a successful dribble.

There are two types of BASKETBALL, free throw BASKETBALL and field BASKETBALL. Free throw BASKETBALL involves passing the ball to one of your teammates who then tries to make a basket with the ball. Usually the best shooters on the offensive team will shoot the ball to their teammates, who then attempt to make baskets with the ball. On the other hand, field BASKETBALL involves a smaller version of BASKETBALL where players run around the perimeter of the court and try to put the ball in the hoop. Usually the best BASKETball shooters are the guards, since they can either take the ball away from the other team and make shots themselves or pass it to one of their teammates who can then make a shot.

When a basketball team is on the bench for the rest of the game, a foul will be called against them. If the team has one member that has already committed a foul before the half, that person will be forced to stand or get onto the bench for the remainder of the play. This will continue until the team who had not committed any fouls has been given the chance to play all the way through the quarter with a foul flagging up. After the quarter, if there are any more fouls than team members can finish playing, then the team with the most fouls will be given the penalty foul and will be assessed a technical foul.

There are three phases of BASKETball. The first phase is the offensive possessions. BASKETball involves five players on the court at any given moment. They are called “players”. If the ball goes out of bounds before any of the players receive a turn or pass the ball to any other player on the court, the ball is reset and the play is continued using the five players on the court.

The second phase is the defensive possessions. BASKETball involves only three players on the court at any given time. These players are known as “defensive players”. If the ball goes out of bounds before any of the defensive players on the court has a turn or pass the ball to any other player on the court, the defensive player is required to make an attempt to stop the basketball from going out of bounds at the basket.