BASKETball – An Introduction To The Sport

Basketball is a team activity where two teams, most often of five individuals each, against one another on an rectangular field, with the goal of shooting the ball through the hoop of their opponent with as few points as possible. It was invented in the early 19th century by an American named Thomas Alexander. The game has changed significantly over the years but remains to be the most popular sport in the United States.

Basketball is played by two teams of five people each. The game of basketball is usually referred to as floor work, which refers to the vertical jumps of the players. Each team receives two total assists per game. There are two fouls during the game; one for attempting a basket and one for shooting the ball.

BASKETball players wear a variety of clothing depending on where they are playing the game. The majority of professional basketball games are played at a time when the weather is either hot or cool. In hot weather, teams wear short sleeved jerseys, while those playing in cool weather wear long sleeved jerseys. In addition, some teams will use a color block system so that certain colors of jerseys will be worn for different portions of the game depending on which team is playing. Most BASKETball courts are rectangular and are about two and a half miles long.

Each person on a basketball court starts by standing on one side of the court with their feet shoulder width apart. They then receive ball from one team and step into the starting frame. Typically, two free throws are scored for each team per quarter. After making two free throws, the ball is brought back into play on the other side of the court. Then the players take turns running back and forth on the court trying to make their baskets. There are usually three different play types in a BASKETball game: offense, defense, and rebounding.

BASKETball players have two different plays that they can utilize to score. One involves shooting the ball from either the top of the three-point line or the free throw line. The other plays involves dribbling the basketball up against another player and then shooting the ball over their head. Either way, both teams alternate possessions each quarter. When a BASKETball game is going on they are referred to as quarters. The first quarter is called the prequarters, and the last quarter is known as the post quarters.

Each player on each team has a limit on the number of possessions that they can play with a BASKETball ball. This number is usually based on the amount of space that is available on the court. If a player reaches their limit they have to either return to their own basket or the foul basket. This is called a turnover. The team that has the most turnovers after fifteen minutes wins the game.