BASKETBALL is an abbreviation for Basketball Association International. Basket is an event where ball players attempt to make baskets. Though there are many variations of BASKETBALL including American Basketball Association, European Basketball Association and the Australian Basketball League, the game is predominantly played in Europe and America.

BASKETBALL involves five players per team. The BASKETBALL sport was created in Australia as a way to help the country create a recreational basketball program for local children. The BASKETBALL events have since spread to other countries and continents. BASKETBALL is a team game where two teams, usually of five players each against the other on a half court vertical line, fight for the ball on one corner of the half court circle with three points being scored via two made baskets or three points made by a free throw. When a team scores more points than the other team the team involved in the highest percentage wins the game.

There are no professional teams in BASKETBALL. Teams play each game individually. Each game has four quarters consisting of four games. The length of each quarter varies depending on the BASKETBALL competition and other factors. The Basketball rules include; players may try to drive to the basket, throw the ball through the hoop, use their legs to break the net, shoot free throws and defensive plays.

In addition to scoring points, teams may be given breaks during play and may receive extra time during halftime to warm up and stretch before playing in the second half. During halftime, players on both teams are allowed to take several jumps, pass around a board or use the bench in order to rest. The BASKETBALL sport was created to aid in training children in physical activity and sportsmanship. It is a great sport for kids of all ages because it is fun to play and the techniques learned can be applied in many different situations.

BASKETball players wear jerseys and shorts that absorb the sweat and allow the player’s skin to breath. The BASKETBALL equipment consists mainly of basketballs with nets attached at the top, along with shoes, jerseys, socks and headbands. BASKETball courts are portable and can be used in private homes, colleges and public parks.

Basketball training usually begins with a player’s introduction to BASKETball, which involves learning fundamentals such as how to dribble a ball and shooting a ball. Most BASKETball moves involve the ball being passed from one player to another player who is holding the ball in one hand and making a shot with the other hand. Other skills necessary for BASKETball include working on getting off the ground and jumping without using much movement. Working on these different skills and mastering them will help a player become an excellent BASKETball player and earn the BASKetball championship trophy.